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Kaitlyn Parhm

Kaitlyn Parhm has dedicated her life to tutoring, mentoring, empowering others, and providing resources to the most vulnerable populations of Inglewood/surrounding cities. She started her charity in 2017 as a way to restore and give back to her community filled with love and culture that bred her. Kaitlyn walked door to door asking for canned food for locals in need, and her charity took off from there. Kaitlyn not only wanted to provide relief for the problem, but she focuses on eliminating systemic issues so the need for her services can dwindle away. She is also deeply passionate about preventing the gentrification of Inglewood. Deeply involved in her community, Kaitlyn spends the majority of her time doing the necessary work for residents who are being directly affected by the rent control crisis, along with other practical issues the community members face. She is also a local Tarot reader. Ms. Parhm tutored at El Camino College for two years. She was commissioner of Community Engagement at El Camino College’s BSU. She is also NASA Community College Aerospace Scholars 2019 Alumni. She has her BA in Psychology and Africana Studies at California State University Dominguez Hills and currently pursuing her masters. Ms. Parhm is active in her community. She is reaching out and actively putting the work in to provide equitable services. Her faith, perseverance, and desire to empower others encourages and motivates her community. Ms. Parhm has many great endeavors in store for the community and is extremely grateful for all of the love and support. It is truly all love.


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